To help you and your team keep firmly on top of your marina’s finances and budgets, the Havenstar marina management software provides a wide range of tools that help you to manage your marina effectively.

In Havenstar’s customisable dashboard, users can see an overview of the marina’s key financial data, which is fed in from up-to-date reports on forecast revenues, departmental finances and more.

Keeping your marina’s financial records organised is made simple with the marina management software’s ability to integrate with many popular accounting packages, along with its deposit management and payment planning tools.

Pricing strategies can also be easily adjusted, allowing you to update price lists frequently and in bulk, and included discount tools make creating and handling discounts effortless.

Keep on top of your budgets and finances with ease using our custom-built software

Deal with discounts, invoices, budgets, payment plans and more, all hassle-free.

We know that customer loyalty is important in any marina, which is why Havenstar marina management software provides a flexible but controllable way of supporting loyalty from those customers you want to reward.

Discounts can be anything from early settlement to longer term contracts and can be easily managed within the Havenstar programme. To keep things as simple as possible, HavenStar handles all discount calculations for you, whether they’re applied as fixed sums or as percentage discounts.

And best of all, you have full control over the discount process with Havenstar’s software allowing you to gain access to full audit trails and restrict who can apply discounts.

Many marinas are truly international businesses and HavenStar’s marina management software reflects that.

Importantly, it supports the use of a base currency, as well as any additional currencies that may be used by your marina. Additionally, Havenstar supports many languages as standard, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, to really allow you to manage a cohesive international business.

We know that the time of your team is valuable and that it is important that time is not wasted on unnecessary manual tasks, such as duplicating data entries.

That is why we can provide the integration of Havenstar with numerous accounting packages. The Havenstar marina management software can be integrated with a wide variety of popular financial systems, including Access Accounts, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta, NAV and GP, Sage Line 50 and many more, meaning that you can use the HavenStar software without the hassle of changing your current accounting package.

Some marinas have extensive price lists or update their price lists frequently.

To maintain these lists with ease, Havenstar uses a Bulk Price Update Utility that allows for easy and quick changes to be made.

At Havenstar, we want to help you make sure that everything in your marina is being run on-budget.

This is why we’ve made sure that our marina management software can provide you with in-depth yet intuitive departmental reporting. Departments or product groups can be defined so that comprehensive reports can be produced, showing revenues and any variance against budgets in an easy-to-understand way.

In order to help you make sure that you’re spending the time and energy that you need on the important large and problem accounts, Havenstar’s Aged Debt Reporting allows you to keep abreast of the cashflow tied up in your Sales Ledger more easily.

Within the Havenstar’s software, your team can make notes on conversations with customers and use the ‘Smart Notes’ tool to add appointments and alerts for any follow up conversations that may be needed.

As the Havenstar marina management software is also able to integrate with Microsoft programmes, your team can also quickly and simply send Overdue Account letters produced in Microsoft Word via e-mail or post.

We understand that every marina works differently, which is why the Havenstar marina management software has been designed to flexibly suit all business types.

As some marinas receive deposits from their customers for services and products to be received at a later date, it is important that these are held outside of the main ledger. This is why we have incorporated a separate deposit ledger as an option should this be the way you operate.

To make sure that the content of your Havenstar database is as accessible and easy-to-use as possible, the Havenstar marina management software dashboard is customizable for each user.

The dashboard is also available on any device that is connected to the internet, allowing you to manage your marina comprehensively, yet remotely, if required. The data on your dashboard, such as Berthing Revenues, Occupancy Statistics and Aged Debtors, can be shown in tabular and graphical forms, and each user can sort and filter the data on their dashboard to find and analyse the detailed information they require. This means that individual members of staff can find the exact information they need, with ease.

Simplicity in financial processes is vital for running your business efficiently, which is why Havenstar has made sure that the billing engine is as flexible as possible.

Your team can set up payment plans of any frequency for contract customers; invoices can be issued by either e-mail or post and the Direct Debit Module allows for variable payments and electronic advanced payment notifications.

In order to ensure that your marina is running as effectively as possible, it is important that you are able to retrieve data about revenues at the touch of a button.

Havenstar reports library allows you to measure a wide range of variables in a number of different formats: most importantly, deferred and forecast revenues. These reports are user-friendly and designed to be customisable so that you can easily find the information you really want to know about your marina’s finances.

Being compliant to HMRC regulations is vitally important.

This is why Havenstar takes care to make sure our software is compliant in the sale of Marine Diesel (Gas Oil) and the need to declare usage on purchase.

The Havenstar software is able to handle all of the reporting and HMRC submission that is required by enabling a split in the charge and calculating the appropriate fuel duty.