Havenstar’s marina management software equips you with the tools to help your team keep on top of everything in your marina, from job lists to meter readings.

When a job comes in, our user-friendly Boatyard Manager module allows you to create quotations for customers, as well as schedules and job lists for staff, so your marina is always working on time and on budget.

To help you keep tabs on your marina’s products and resources, our utilities management software can record water, electricity and other bills and auto-generate accurate invoices, allowing your staff to have more time and freedom to concentrate on other tasks.

What’s more, our electronic Point of Sale system has been custom built with busy marinas and dockyards in mind, helping you to save important time and resources.

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From job lists, to metering, Havenstar helps you keep organised

Deal with discounts, invoices, budgets, payment plans and more, all hassle-free.

At Havenstar we know how busy boatyards can be, which is why our Boatyard Manager module has been designed with that specifically in mind.

The module allows you and your staff to manage projects and jobs in a whole host of different ways to make sure that everything is running on track. Make sure projects are started right by using our in-built quotation generator to ensure customers are fully satisfied before a project begins.

Then use the scheduler to assign time slots for individual tasks and create daily jobs for boat yard operatives to keep everything on time and in budget. The Boatyard Manager also comes with a daily view tool which allows you and your staff to see any and all resources at a glance, so that you can manage and schedule new and existing jobs with ease.

It’s important for everyone involved that your boatyard is working as effectively and efficiently as possible, which is why the software comes with a full reporting facility, meaning you can keep on top of follow-ups and job tracking in a simple and organised way.

One of the top priorities for a busy marina is making sure that all sales and transactions are dealt with as swiftly as possible.

This is why the Electronic Point of Sale module for our standard marina management software has been custom-built with busy marinas in mind, allowing you to provide the best for your customers, without compromise.

Marina’s and boatyards are a lot more than just the mooring.

This is why Havenstar’s marina management software caters for a whole range of products and services to be stored within the database, from mooring charges and labour, to wash tokens and fuel.

One of the most important aspects of managing a marina is keeping on top of meter readings.

Our Service Module, allows you to manage these remotely, with a wide range of support options available. In its most simple form, Havenstar can manually record each meter reading (whether that be water, electricity or something else) and auto-generate an invoice right then and there.

The software also allows for integration with popular meter providers, such as Rolec, Meter-MACS and Ampy, meaning that meter management can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.

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