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Havenstar’s marina management software has been designed with marinas specifically in mind.

As standard, Havenstar comes with a range of tools to help you and your staff manage the resources, employees, customers, finances and security of your marina and boatyard in the most effective way possible.
Havenstar marina management software is ideal for a whole range of marinas, from small harbours to businesses that manage a whole range of tasks in marinas across a number of different locations.
It is a multilingual system that supports multicurrency transactions and facilitates secure information sharing between marinas. Havenstar can also link with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics, meaning that Havenstar’s marina management software is easy for staff to use so that they can keep your customer relations running smoothly.
Havenstar’s marina management software is also available with a number of add-ons to help make your marina management even more efficient.


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Customers & Opportunities

Havenstar helps you ensure that your marina’s customers are well looked after. From producing reports to help you analyse your customer management, to providing comprehensive yet intuitive client databases, Havenstar’s marina management software makes sure your customer services run smoothly.

Service & Supplies

We know how important it is that your marina’s projects always run on schedule and on budget. That’s why our software has specifically designed systems – such as our Boatyard Manager and utilities management system – that allow you to keep track of all of your staff and resources, easily.


Whether you’re a small single marina, or large international multi-marina brand, keeping on top of finances is vital. Havenstar can deal a variety of tasks, from simple discount handling to producing complex financial reports, all easily viewed and managed within our dashboard feature.

Systems & Security

A large amount of data comes through a marina every day and it is crucial that this data is protected appropriately, which is why Havenstar takes security seriously. Havenstar’s system allows you to keep track of who has access to certain information, while securely storing all information for future use in an intuitive way.

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