With marinas and dockyards storing a large amount of customer information, it is important that the information is always stored and handled securely.

Havenstar’s marina management software gives the System Administrator overall power over the accounts in use, allowing you to have full control of information sharing.

Additionally, all transactions are dated and user-labelled, providing full clarity should any issues arise. The system also allows for secure information sharing between different marinas in a group, so key data can be shared without security risks.

To help with data and document management, the marina management software also features a number of organisational tools. You can keep other users updated with Smart Notes, which allow you to make marked notes against boats, customers and berths; keep client information organised with the archiving and built-in scanner features; and keep on track of your finances by using the alerts tool to let you know when contracts are due.

Data security is important, which is why Havenstar’s helps you to make it a priority

Share information securely and keep data organised with our specially-designed software

We know that data sharing is an important part of managing a multi-marina business, which is why Havenstar’s marina management software enables the sharing of key information between all the marinas within your group.

Crucially, to ensure safety and security, only authorized staff can view the complete picture of customer, boat and account information.

The Smart Notes feature of the Havenstar marina management software has been designed to make sure that marina staff can work cohesively together and with clients.

The tool allows for as many notes as is required to be entered against boats, customers and berths and, for optimal efficiency, notes can be categorized or marked. Marked notes can then be followed up by another user at a later point, which lets users on different shifts communicate effectively.

The Smart Notes also form a to-do list with a number of functions, including the ability to categorize, sub-categorize, mark as complete or remove from the list.

At Havenstar we take security very seriously.

This is why our marina management software has been designed to ensure that the system can easily be audited and controlled. The System Administrator has the highest amount of access and can ensure that other users only have access to the parts of the system that they require.

Furthermore, to make sure that staff, customers and employers are all protected from fraud or accusations of fraud, Havenstar’s software includes defined escalation processes that mean that only users with the necessary authority can make certain decisions within the software.

As marinas and boat yards have thousands of customers and clients coming in and out of their books, stored data can quickly add up.

But only some of this information is needed on a regular basis. To help keep things simple, Havenstar contains an archiving feature, which allows users to mark old customers as ‘archived’. This means that their results won’t be found when searching for current customers, but can be retrieved in the future if needed.

To make sure that the management of all of the documents related to your marina are stored and organised as effectively as possible, HavenStar’s marina management software includes an in-built scanner, allowing you to scan in any and all important documents.

These documents can then be saved against individual customers. This means that vital documents, such as permits, boat photos, insurance and passports can be kept safe and with other relevant documentation so that they can be found quickly and easily when required.

At Havenstar we know how important it is to be able to track transactions effectively.

That’s why, within the Havenstar marina management software, all transactions that are created and modified have the user’s credentials recorded alongside, removing doubt and providing clarification should an issue arise.

To help you make sure that your marina is running smoothly, HAVENSTAR provides Operator Alerts that can be enabled to trigger certain information on a timely basis.

This feature can be used in a number of useful ways, such as giving reminders about contracts that are due to expire or boats that are due out, ensuring your team are always on top of important administration tasks.