Havenstar Version 3 arrives.

The Team at Havenstar are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest version of our software.

Havenstar Version 3 has a new look and feel with many exciting brand-new features, all of which will offer you easier and better functionality.

We have been and will be actively contacting you, our clients, to arrange a free upgrade to the new version alongside invitations to access our booking diary, enabling you to schedule the dates and slots available.

We recently conducted several webinars showcasing the new version but don’t worry if you were unable to attend as we are currently offering overview sessions for those either upgrading or wanting to find out more. These sessions can be booked again using the booking diary or by contacting mhitchcock@havenstar.com.

We are pleased to confirm we also have Version 3 manuals in our Zoho knowledge store area as well as further videos showcasing our new features, which will be released shortly.

Our aim is to have all clients on Version 3 early in 2022.

Exciting New Features

New Format

The first feature you will note on opening Havenstar is the change of colour scheme. We have opted for a softer more muted colour palette which we find is easier on the eyes when working for a long time.

The splash screen when you launch is a new design and incorporates the new Havenstar logo.

We have also made buttons on screens more obvious by changing OK to Save or Select. You will notice this across all areas of the program.


Navigation and Menu Operation

We have reduced our menu bar across the top and introduced a new easy to use navigation bar down the side. The commands are fixed on to specific menus, allowing you to select or remove which commands are available and relevant to you. Our Favourite menu allows you to add or delete commands by simply clicking the icons, whilst the order can be amended by click and drag across the vertical list. You can now also search for a boat record or account by accessing the Search box within the menu listing at the top of the menu .

The example below shows a search for invoice which has returned boat names starting or containing the characters “inv” and commands.



We have designed and configured a new ‘default’ Dashboard, but you can create your own new dashboard which are individual to the user login.

The dashboard consists of columns and rows with the size of each section changeable. Within each defined block you can display a “widget” of information which we have defined as essential. Please contact us if you would like a specific widget created to use within your organisation.


F10 Set up Boats

We have also introduced a new setting for the F10 -Set-up Boats screen which allows you to hide any tabs that you do not use and in addition we have also made it easier to add a primary e-mail address which can be used to send contracts, invoices, and statements.



We have made several changes to the optional graphic module including replacing the navigation buttons with a more user-friendly zoom in / out function, faster re-drawing of graphics and more selection features on the display menu.

Boat colours and icon configuration can also be displayed differently with more relevant information provided such as beam and depth.


Automatic Updates

Our final new feature is the introduction of automatic updates and on opening Havenstar you will be advised if an update is waiting and on completion, you will be directed to the release notes.

Our aim is to be able to automatically update all areas of Havenstar without the need for intervention from us and a full list of these items can be found in the release notes.

Should you wish to sign up for our Version 3 manuals and latest information within the Zoho knowledge store please use the link here.

Finally, if you have questions about upgrading, then please get in touch via support@havenstar.com or contact our support services team.